Tim Tavlintsev

Programmer, Visual Artist and Synth Lover

Born in Moscow, Russia 1988

Tim Tavlintsev is a software and web developer, digital artist who creates interactive installations and physical objects.

Не was born in Moscow in 1988. After 9th grade went to Moscow Technical College where he started to learn programming. After the college decided to go to the National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI) on the Cybernetics faculty to improve knowledge in different spheres of IT.

On the second course Tim started to work in Rambler Internet Holding on Junior Web Developer position, wrote perl backend code. He wasn't satisfied with backend web development enough, so he started to learn audio production, write electronic music and dj'ing at free time.

In 2011 Tim created "light:Sequencer" - his first software with GUI, remote control and hardware side for it, it was his graduation work in MEPhI. It's design and functionality were based on previous experience with step sequencers, synth and club lighting. This LED lighting system was installed on the first AUX event in the Arma17 club in the beginning of 2012. It became a good tradition to make installations for AUX series of events.

Right before graduation Tim switched full-time job to Web Developer in SUP Media. Besides web development, he continued to explore world of interactive technologies and instruments for creating generative and interactive content in the real-time. After writing "light:Sequencer", openFrameworks stayed as favourite instrument for making software.

In summer 2012 "night:Sun" was born. It was installed at the next AUX event. It explored emotional feedback from interaction between dancing people and object that was responsive to their moves. Generating video projection that looked like Sun.

Half year later the idea of "project:Icosahedron" started to form. Icosahedron pushed Tim forward to OpenGL, virtual reality and computer simulation that opened whole new world of instruments. Next 6 months were full of learning, projecting, coding and building, it was hard but exciting. Icosahedron was finished right before the start of the event and lasted 12 hours. After that project Tim left full-time job and decided concentrate on light.

In 2014 "project:Icosahedron" got to the final of the international competition Google DevArt.

In 2014 in close collaboration with SilaSveta created permanent decorations for Gipsy Club. Tim as technical and creative director took part in forming the concept and created software-hardware system to control 1000m LED strips in realtime and audio reactive.


2016 - NOW
C++ Developer 
C++, CUDA, OpenGL, GLSL, volumetric rendering, raytracing

2012 - NOW
TVL - Technological Visuals & Light
Founder/Chief Everything Developer
openFrameworks(C++), OpenGL, Arduino, C, OSC, MIDI, Kinect, digital LEDs, RPI, OpenCV, DMX

2013 - 2013
BSPK Travel
Senior Web Developer
Creating backend logic and data structures for travel startup, connect with ticket booking api
Perl, Mojolicious, Nginx, Debian, MongoDB

2011 - 2013
SUP Media
Perl Backend Developer
Creating backend logic for web advertising campaigns
Perl, Mojolicious, Nginx, Debian, MongoDB

2008 - 2011
Rambler Internet Holding
Perl Backend Developer
Bug fixing and new functionality in Mail Department
Perl, Apache, Nginx, MySql, PostgreSql


2007 - 2012
Cybernetics Faculty
National Research Nuclear University (MEPhI)

2003 - 2007
Programming Faculty
Moscow Technical College

1995 - 2003
Liberal School 903