Gipsy Club LED Light System

Tim Tavlinsev, SilaSveta, Anton Baturin

The project for Gipsy Club, produced in close collaboration with SilaSveta. Two months of material preparations, prototyping, night assembling and fantastic work from the great team.

Technical details

1000 meters of addressable LED strips that were mounted inside lightboxes built right on the columns.

Custom OF software for LED mapping was developed to control all the LEDs. In addition FFGL plugin for Resolume was developed to allow VJ control the light system in real-time and in sync with mapping projection.

13 Raspberry Pi connected in the network, 1 Pi controlling 60 meters of LED strips in each column( 1920 LEDs).

Resolume Arena as VJ friendly multimedia server for comfortable incorporation with video mapping system.

Tools: openFrameworks + RPI + Syphon + FFGL + Digital LED strip LPD8806