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, Arma17, Moscow, Russia

“light:Sequencer” - created as the graduation work in MEPhI, hardware/software lighting system. Wrote with openFrameworks as software with GUI, Arduino microcontroller and array of RGB LEDS installed in satin plexiglass pyramids as hardware.

Software emulates step sequencers with ADSR envelopes synced with audio that synthesize image that controls lights. It’s design and functionality is based on previous experience with step sequencers, synth and club lighting. Large GUI control elements and most of the main functions mapped to MIDI controller allows to rule light system in real-time.

This LED lighting system was installed on the first AUX event in the Arma17 club in the beginning of 2012. It was first in a series of installations for AUX events.

Home test improvisation:

Further development

Later the app transformed to ideal DMX LED Par controller with auto tempo sync, much enjoyed by musicians running small events without budget for a lighting guy.